PDF Hyperlink Explorer and Fixer

PDF Hyperlink Explorer, a part of eCTD Office, scans your e-submission and provides a report listing functional and non-functional links, including all link properties (link page number, link type, link text, target document, destination, zoom and alike).

Use PDF Hyperlink Fixer to explore and quickly process links, adjust links, delete links, fix broken links, clone hyperlinks, optimize PDF documents and more...

In an eCTD (or NeeS/VNeeS) submission, PDF hyperlinking plays an important role.

Both bookmarks (outlines) or content links (link annotations) help accelerating the e-submission review process.

Never mind if you are submitting in EU, US or AU - all Agencies prefer links that are operational and valid.

What's more: best practices ask for valid file links, inherit zoom, no web links, visible bookmark pane and alike.

You certainly would not like to get an RTF (Refusal To File) because of a few broken hyperlinks in your electronic submission!

eCTD Office's PDF Hyperlink Fixer main features:

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    Included in eCTD Office

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    Adobe Not Required

    PDF Hyperlink Fixer does not require Adobe Acrobat software.

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    Intuitive Interface

    Easy-to-use intuitive user interface.

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    Quick Scan

    scans all PDF documents under a specified folder.

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    Hyperlinking Info

    Link info to help you understand how your PDF documents are connected.

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    Link valid?

    Missing destination documents, invalid link actions, non-relative hyperlinks, etc.

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    Batch Fixing: Adjust

    Adjust links that point to a non existing document to point to a new document.

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    Batch Fixing: Delete

    Delete links from all documents that point to a non existing document.

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    Batch Fixing: Ensure Document

    Copy a file to a required location so that all hyperlinks are valid.