pCTD Compiler

pCTD Compiler - Hardcopy Publishing

pCTD Compiler, a part of eCTD Office, allows for quick conversion of an electronic submission, be it a NeeS or eCTD for human products or VNeeS for veterinary products, to hard copy - paper based version supporting generation of volumes, tab sheets and an overall table of content based on the dossier hierarchical structure.

EU eCTD Compiler in Action!

While Agencies accept electronic submissions such as NeeS and eCTD (human products) or VNeeS (veterinary products) they still might require you to send sections of your dossier in hardcopy / paper format.

pCTD Compiler was developed to ease the process of "converting" an electronic submission to its paper counterpart.

pCTD Compiler generates, for the hand picked selected electronic documents, a single volume (per module or part) PDF documents having all documents merged and separated using tab sheets - to be easily stored in ring binders.